• All renters 18 or older, or accompanied by parent or guardian
  • Jet Skis will be inspected before and after each rental
  • A brief safety course will be required
  • Renter(s) is/are responsible for all or any damage, repair and labor costs
  • All renters and passengers must sign a rental agreement, release of liability, and waiver forms.
  • All renters must have a valid drivers license/identification card and a credit card on file while renting.


  • Call to book your reservations to guarantee your ski(s)
  • You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation time or else preparations will cut into your riding time
  • We welcome walk ups but reservations are suggested
  • A $25 discount will be given for early bird reservations for rentals on weekends only, between the hours of 10A.M. and 12 P.M.
  • If you need to change or cancel your reservation, you must do so 48 hours prior to your reservation date or you will be charged for what you reserved.


A $200 per jet ski deposit is required for each rental. This deposit can be cash or credit prior to your rental. If damage occurs and the ski is not returned in the same condition prior to rental you will lose this deposit. If the watercraft cannot be rented or repaired that day, a $1000.00 fee is charged to your credit card. If the watercraft is totaled you will be responsible for the replacement value of the ski.